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Through our extensive consulting work with companies throughout the United States and abroad, we have found that “people do what you inspect, rather than what you expect.” For this reason, we have always encouraged our clients to develop, implement and communicate comprehensive, objective compliance and oversight programs. We provide them with the information, tools, techniques, training and resources they need to succeed with these programs, either independently or with our assistance.

Resource Management Services, Inc. has helped hundreds of organizations ensure compliance with laws, rules and regulations, while also improving efficiencies and minimizing risk. Effective vendor oversight not only protects the consumers, but creates stronger and more effective relationships between the client and the vendor. By providing an independent, unbiased source of this audit and oversight, Resource Management Services, Inc. has worked with many of the largest banks and consumer financial services providers, as well as many other industries, including retailers, telcom, utilities and more.

Resource Management Services, Inc. focuses on supporting their client’s goals of minimizing risk while collecting on delinquent accounts. Whether creditors are collecting with internal efforts, or through partnerships with outsource providers and other industry vendors, Resource Management Services, Inc. provides the client with reliable, insightful and innovative consulting services, compliance oversight with a concentration on protecting the consumer while protecting the organization.

The synergy of our combination of products and services - compliance management systems, third party oversight, compliance and performance auditing, consulting, research and benchmarking, training courses, Recovery Management Network sponsorship, and our conferences, Collection and Recovery Solutions and Debt Connection Symposium and Expo, provides the opportunity to continuously exceed expectations for our clients.

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Announcing the newest Peer Group to formalize and meet at Collection and Recovery Solutions 2018 – the Collection and Recovery Millennial Peer Group – focused on relevant topics for Millennials. This newly organized peer network, is an elite network of young professionals in the industry focused on issues of relevance to Millennials. Whether you meet the age requirements of a Millennial, or think like a Millennial, or just have an interest in Millennials – this group can be for you.

It’s designed by Millennials, and those interested in the Millennial mindset, or wanting to better understand the Millennial customer, employee, boss or family member. Meet others interested in all topics relevant to Millennials. Discussion topics may include: Millennial Career Paths – Encouraging Millennials in Your Organization; Communication with Millennials; Communicating on the “Work/Life Balance” Conundrum; Communication with Different Generations; Paying Off Student Loan Debt; Demystifying and Debunking Some of the Millennial Myths; Social Media in the Workplace; and, Reaching Millennials. (Finalized agenda will be created after a survey of interested participants) If this group is of interest to you, and you’d like to suggest your relevant issues for our topics, please take our Millennial Peer Group survey at:

The organizational Millennial Peer Group meeting will be facilitated by Matt Justice, President of Professional Bureau of Collections of Maryland. Matt understands Millennials from a personal perspective, as well as a leader of his company, with many millennial employees. Whether thinking about getting millennials to pay, contacting millennials or developing millennials to manage and lead within the organization – all topics are of interest.

As a special addition to the Collection and Recovery Solutions conference, CRS2018 will feature a Millennial Mentoring / Reverse Mentoring program. It’s not a long-term commitment, but a conference program that puts both mentors/mentorees together for a 20 minute mentoring session during our Networking Breakfast on Friday. If you have an interest – we’re interesting in chatting with you. There is a lot to be learned about Millennials, and from Millennials, and there are also some lessons Millennials could learn from other generations. Whether Millennials are teaching Non-Millennials how to relate to them, or Boomers are sharing some of their wisdom, there is a great opportunity for starting the communication.

To start the conversation, if you’re attending CRS2018, and interested in the group – let us know. We’d like to hear from you. Email us at