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List your company with and participate in one of the most targeted marketing opportunities in the collections and recovery industry. Get an instant audience with the clients who are seeking your specialized services and products. allows you to list your company in two ways. You can go with a Basic Profile, which limits your company exposure to the company name and phone number, or you can go with a Detailed Profile, which allows you to list everything and anything about your company for a low cost.

For a small additional fee, you can also have a company logo added to your Detailed Profile as well. With a logo you will get even more exposure and brand recognition than if you just had a Detailed Profile.  It will be notably displayed.  No other industry web site can give you this kind of exposure for this low of a price. What are you waiting for? Register today! Basic Profile (Free):
List your company name and phone number for FREE! Detailed Profile ($295 annually):
Want more than just your company name and phone number? You can upgrade to a Detailed Profile for only $295/year, billed annually.

Do More Than One Thing?  Save with Multiple Profiles
3 Detailed Profiles ($595 annually):

Choose 3 categories to be listed in, for only $595/year, billed annually.
Or, more than 3 categories for only $895/year, billed annually.

Many benefits for a Detailed Profile,  including:

  • A detailed description of your business showing physical address, phone number, E-mail address and additional information, and a link to your web page.
  • Searchable by Category, which will allows you to be searchable by details specific to that category, as well as location, company and contact name.
  • Ability to Upload White Papers and article resources  written by your company to our resource section of the site, at no additional charge.
  • Post Jobs and find a new source of candidates at no additional charge.
  • For Debt Sellers and Brokers – The ability to list a portfolio on the “Portfolios for Sale” section, which displays on the Home Page, with a link to the portfolio details and contact information. You must be able to provide a clear chain of title.  No portfolios without clear chain of title should be listed.  Brokers must also have exclusive brokerage on the file.  No multiple brokerage files will be listed.
  • Portfolios for Sale – Debt Sellers may list up to 10 portfolios at a time at NO charge, additional portfolios can be listed for $50 each. Company Logo ($150 annually):
No detailed company profile is complete without your company logo! For an additional $150 annually, you can add a full color logo prominently displayed on your profile page.

Adding a logo to your profile is a great way to utilize and develop your name brand recognition. Rotating Banner Ads:

Need Exposure? Our flexible banner ads allow you to link your banner to a Detailed Profile on our site or to your own home page! We have three categories to choose from: our Main Page Banner which places you on our main page, Prime Page Banner which gives you a choice of one of our heavily viewed pages, and Non Prime Page Banner which gives you a choice on one of our regular pages. Our banners are rotating banners which means you can have multiple banners with different goals for example, a Debt Buying Banner linked to your home page and a Debt Seller Banner linked to a detailed profile on the site. Each would be considered a distinct banner. Main Page Banner – 530,629 banner impressions per month average ($3,380 annually):
This banner rotates on the home page of This page is the highest viewed page of the site, and is the first page viewed by most people using Prime Page Banner – 238,928 banner impressions per month average ($2,400 annually):
This banner rotates on the top of one of our higher viewed pages:

  • Debt Sellers
  • Debt Buyers
  • Agencies
  • Portfolios For Sale

These pages have a specific content that allows you to focus your marketing for that particular page, giving you the highest marketability in that category. Specialized Page Banner – 20,549 banner impression per month average ($1,200 annually):
This banner rotates on top of one of our more specialized pages:

  • Associations
  • Attorneys
  • Brokers
  • Consultants
  • Contact Solutions/Dialers
  • Deceased
  • Investment Firms
  • Legal Networks/Services
  • Licensing/Compliance
  • Mail Services
  • Payment Processors
  • Publications
  • Risk Management/Metrics
  • Scoring/Scrubbing
  • Skip Tracing
  • Software
  • Training

These pages are more exclusive to areas of the recoveries industry and, therefore, not as widely viewed. For those wishing to market in these areas, this is an excellent opportunity giving you a more defined sector of the recoveries industry to market to.