Skip Tracing

Data Hygiene Can Drive Increased Profitability in Collections

Reduce time lost on duplicates, missing pieces and inaccurate entries. During an economic slowdown, collections and recovery departments see a surge in delinquent accounts. Keeping up with the increased workload becomes difficult without hiring additional staff. A better alternative is to provide effective tools that allow collections representatives to more... See LexisNexis Video - Data Hygiene

Increase Efficiency and Profits with Powerful Collections

Better data and analytics give insights to improve collections success.  When the economy slows, the number of accounts going to collections rises steeply. The workload of collections departments can easily double or triple, making efficiency a necessity. To keep up, your collectors need effective tools. See LexisNexis video - Workflow Overview

Find Debtors Faster to Drive Collections Success

When collectors contact consumers with unpaid debt, they have no way to know which consumers will pay up and which ones will ignore their demands. If collectors could predict into which category an account would fall, they would concentrate their efforts on those with the best ability and willingness to... See LexisNexis Video - Payment Score

Find Accurate, Current, Right-Party Contact Information Faster

Streamline your skip trace efforts to increase collections revenue.Debtors who default on their financial obligations often leave creditors holding the bag. They pull up stakes, move to a new address and even change their phone number to evade collectors attempting to get payment. They deliberately leave behind no information regarding... See LexisNexis Video - Contact and Locate