Listing Options

List your company with and participate in one of the most targeted marketing opportunities in the collections and recovery industry. Get an instant audience with the clients who are seeking your specialized services and products. allows you to list your company in two ways. You can go with a Basic Listing, which limits your company exposure to the Company Name and Phone Number, or you can go with a Detailed Profile, which allows you to list up to a full page of information about your company for a low cost. Not only will you get your company name and phone number, and a link to your company web page.

No other industry web site can give you this kind of exposure for this low of a price. What are you waiting for? Register today! Basic Profile (Free):
List your Company Name and Phone Number for FREE! Valid company domain e mail addresses only.  Public e -mail address (AOL, g-mail hotmail, Yahoo. Comcast etc.) will not be accepted. Detailed Profile ($295 annually):
Want more than just your Company Name and Phone Number? You can upgrade to a Detailed Profile for just ($295/year, billed annually).  Get 3 detailed profiles for only $595, or more than 3 for just $895 per year.

A Detailed Profile includes:
* A detailed description of your business showing physical address, phone number, E-mail address and a link to your web page.
* Searchable by Category, which will allows you to be searchable by details specific to that category, as well as location, company and contact name.
* For Debt Sellers and Brokers – The ability to list a portfolio on the “Portfolios for Sale” section, which displays on the Home Page, with a link to the portfolio details and contact information. You must be able to provide a clear chain of title.  Brokers must have an exclusive on the portfolio to be sold in order to list on
* Sellers may list up to 10 portfolios at a time at NO charge. Additional portfolios can be listed for $50. each. Company Logo ($150 annually):
No detailed company profile is complete without your company logo! For an additional $150 annually, you can add a full color logo prominently displayed on your profile page.

Adding a logo to your profile is a great way to utilize and develop your name brand recognition.