Convoke, Inc.

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4250 N. Fairfax Dr.
Suite 550
Arlington, VA, 22203 US
(877) 887-7922
Mr Ethan Dukes
Convoke is a collections intelligence platform that is transforming the way credit issuers manage third party debt collection, leveraging a decade of experience for the issuers it serves. It provides unprecedented transparency and accountability, facilitating issuer debt validation and third-party oversight. With its powerful reporting, tracking, and auditing capabilities, issuers are able to have confidence that they are in compliance with internal and regulatory requirements. Convoke enables credit issuers to grow recovery, reduce costs, improve compliance, and protect their brand.
Title: Director of Business Development
RMA Member: RMA Member
Year Company Started: 2006
Number Of Employees: 26 - 50
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Number of Locations: 1
Corporate Office Location: Virginia
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Who Uses Convoke?
Many of the largest consumer banks in the United States are long-standing Convoke customers, including the top 3 US credit issuers. This makes Convoke a market-tested, trusted solution for banks, as well as online and retail lenders, for their debt collection needs. Over 300 of the top US collection agencies, attorneys, debt buyers, and debt settlement companies use Convoke as registered platform users.

Why Use Convoke?
Convoke’s cloud-based application provides unprecedented third-party oversight and regulatory compliance capabilities with robust tracking, reporting and automation. Convoke is a collections intelligence platform that oftentimes sits alongside traditional Recovery Management Systems to augment credit issuers' ability to monitor third party collection actions and improve the overall performance of their recovery operations.