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CredAgility - Collection Software

Our Story
In 2006 a small group of experienced credit lenders and leading technologists joined forces to build a transformative customer experience management platform. The purpose was to address a fundamental obstacle facing the collections industry: antiquated IT systems. These systems were inflexible and stove-piped, creating inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction.

Breaking away from old conventions, “Collections Marketing Center” (or CMC), was formed. The name was thoughtfully chosen to reflect a belief that marketing teams and collections teams were grappling with the same fundamental business challenge: how to dynamically design and present relevant offers to customers to achieve engagement and profitable take-up. Collections is a data-rich endeavor, but too many rigid systems were making it difficult to deliver great data-driven offers and experiences.

CMC has grown and evolved since 2006 and is now Katabat providing leading edge customer experience management technology to collections agencies and departments across the globe. Designed and delivered by lending industry and technology experts, Katabat addresses the strategic pain points we know our customers face—because we once stood in their shoes.

Today, Katabat is a technology disruptor that delivers great customer experience management solutions with unique industry expertise and process-driven speed. Our next step? Incorporating ground-breaking AI and advanced data analytics into our platform.

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Take Control of Your Collections in a Single Location:
Banish outdated systems that are holding you back. Connect with your past-due customers with clear visibility into all touchpoints.
Katabat™ Unified Collections provides you with a centralized platform and 360-degree customer view. It’s everything you need to manage pre charge-off collection activities, communications, offers, and agent interactions.

The Power of Digital:
Your customers are always connected. Reach them more effectively and inspire them to connect. Part of Katabat™ Restore collections and debt management, Katabat™ Digital Collections delivers the power of digital engagement and strategy management.

Accelerate Your Hardship Strategy:
Part of Katabat™ Restore collections and debt management, Katabat™ Hardship equips you to digitally engage and service customers experiencing a financial hardship. Quickly determine eligibility. Then customise compliant programs to help customers manage their current debts. Everyone wins.

End-to-End Placement, Seamless Management
When it’s time to place your delinquent accounts with an external collection agency, we can help. Part of the Katabat™ Restore collections and debt management solution, Katabat™ Debt Placement is a centralized platform to manage agency assignment, communication and monitoring, recalls, and putbacks.

Integrate Recovery and Collections, Seamlessly:
Effectively place and manage charged-off accounts with Katabat™ Recovery Accounting. Part of the Katabat™ Restore collections and debt management solution, Recovery Accounting can serve as your post charge-off accounting system of record.
Experience the cost-effective convenience of an integrated system with the power of our strategy portal. Tailor your offers and automate digital communications to maximize debt recovery efforts.