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Resource Management Services, Inc. (RMS) is nationally recognized as a leader and innovator in the collection and recovery industry.

Collection, compliance and recovery industry leaders have chosen to partner with Resource Management Services, Inc. because our work is built on a solid foundation of ethics, experience, reliability and quality. Oversight and auditing of third party vendors has been the core of our company's products and services offerings since our inception in 1986.

Through our extensive consulting work with companies throughout the United States and abroad, we have found that “people do what you inspect, rather than what you expect.” For this reason, we have always encouraged our clients to develop, implement and communicate comprehensive, objective compliance and oversight programs. We provide them with the information, tools, techniques, training and resources they need to succeed with these programs, either independently or with our assistance.

Resource Management Services, Inc. has helped hundreds of organizations ensure compliance with laws, rules and regulations, while also improving efficiencies and minimizing risk. Effective vendor oversight not only protects the consumers, but creates stronger and more effective relationships between the client and the vendor. By providing an independent, unbiased source of this audit and oversight, Resource Management Services, Inc. has worked with many of the largest banks and consumer financial services providers, as well as many other industries, including retailers, telcom, utilities and more.

Resource Management Services, Inc. focuses on supporting their client’s goals of minimizing risk while collecting on delinquent accounts. Whether creditors are collecting with internal efforts, or through partnerships with outsource providers and other industry vendors, Resource Management Services, Inc. provides the client with reliable, insightful and innovative consulting services, compliance oversight with a concentration on protecting the consumer while protecting the organization.

The synergy of our combination of products and services - compliance management systems, third party oversight, compliance and performance auditing, consulting, research and benchmarking, training courses, Recovery Management Network sponsorship, and our conferences, Collection and Recovery Solutions and Debt Connection Symposium and Expo, provides the opportunity to continuously exceed expectations for our clients.

We are proud to be a PCI compliant and woman-owned company.
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The experts at Resource Management Services, Inc. provide an independent, unbiased and fresh look at your compliance, collection and recovery operation. Our expertise includes both the compliance and the operational sides to the business - whether internal collections, dialer usage and analytics, staffing, policies and procedures, compliance management systems, oversight, vendor management techniques and measurement, or selling. RMS offers independent reviews as well as mentoring programs. We can help you develop your compliance or oversight programs, or we can provide that independent "fresh set of eyes" to ensure your policies and procedures are comprehensive, up-to-date, and accomplish your goals. We can work with you to protect the consumer, protect the collection operation's results, and protect the company's bottom line. We can work with you to understand your risks, whether it is compliance risk, legal risk, financial risk, or missed revenue opportunity risk. We understand how to measure agency, attorney and other specialty vendor's efforts fairly, understanding the similarities and evaluating the differences, to assist you in maximizing results. We can assist in the development of your World Class Vendor and Specialty Vendor Management Programs, or your Compliance, Financial and Operational Oversight Programs. Our projects can be comprehensive in scope, or specific to any function or niche area related to compliance, collection and recovery operations.
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Resource Management Services, Inc. (RMS) understands the challenges facing collection, compliance and recovery managers in today’s environment, and has created a line of services and products that can be used to best address the needs and resources of each client. Our experts can assist in the development of a compliance management system, or provide an independent review of your system. Our clients often use our services as "another set of eyes" to verify their current programs are comprehensive, effective and compliant. Complaint management programs can be analyzed and evaluated. We can review your policies and procedures, your training programs, and your monitoring and corrective action programs. We can mentor you and your team as you develop the programs, or as you maintain and keep them up-to-date.
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"People do what you inspect, not what you expect," quote from businessman, Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

Auditing Third Party Vendors is a case in point. Without a solid, practical and insightful audit program, you may not be getting what you expect from your third party vendors.

At the Third Party Vendor Auditing Workshop, learn skills and techniques to audit your third party vendors to comply with CFPB requirements, to validate consumer protection and to verify that your own vendor contract requirements are being met.

When to audit, and whether to audit remotely or onsite
Sampling techniques to increase your effectiveness
How to develop an effective call monitoring scorecard
What to audit - compliance, consumer protection, payments, security and more
How to develop a complaint response system
How to evaluate the compliance management system
When policies and procedures don't match activity
Audit bias and how to avoid it
What many audit teams miss
How to use the audit to improve compliance and performance
Hear audit horror stories from audit experts, and find out how to avoid them in the operations you audit. Class resources and materials include audit checklists, questionnaires and scorecards which you can use as is, or customize for your organization and needs. Instructors focus on teaching techniques and strategies you need to develop your company's audit policies and procedures.

The training is a two-day session. Price $1295 first attendee, $1095 additional attendees from the same company.

The workshop is designed for compliance officers, vendor managers or collection agency auditors. Learn what is important in developing your company’s audit policies and procedures for both your internal collection operation and your third party collection vendors. The material and tools used in the workshop align to the CFPB’s Supervision and Examination Manual that is used to determine if companies are complying with consumer financial protection laws.

Substitutions allowed from your organization.