VeriFacts, Inc.

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204 First Avenue
Sterling, IL, 61081 US
(800) 542-7434
Ms Stephanie Clark
VeriFacts, Inc is the nation's premier provider of customer location information in the credit and collection industry. Providing the ARM industry with contact information since 1986, VeriFacts provides verified and 100% guaranteed contact points and customer asset information to assist with collection and litigation recovery. Specializes in Place of Employment locates.

We serve creditors, agencies, law firms, debt purchasers, student loans, utilities, etc.

Get to Know the People of VeriFacts
Who is VeriFacts?
VeriFacts is a family owned and operated business that is proud to have served the financial industry for over 25 years.

What is VeriFacts?
VeriFacts integrates this family atmosphere throughout its employees and clients. While operating with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, VeriFacts will deliver quality information and outstanding customer service.

What we’re not…
We are not the type of company who takes shortcuts.

Our Goals
Maintain your company image by treating your customers as our customers.
Create an easy & simple solution through outstanding customer service.
Provide you a solution to increase revenue and deliver a fast ROI.
Title: President
RMA Member: RMA Member
Year Company Started: 1986
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Woman / Minority Owned: Yes
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Corporate Office Location: Illinois
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We understand what matters most to you:
Locates that are guaranteed accurate
Results delivered daily
Unique information, found nowhere else
Risk free pricing, no locate = no fee
Information customized to be just right for you
Nationwide coverage
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A Powerful Set of Tools Awaits You!

How Can a Verified Place of Employment Help You?
VeriFacts will return a verified place of employment customized to support your strategy. Whether you’re implementing a dialing campaign or legal processes, we’ve got you covered.

How Can Verified Residential Information Help You Make The Right Party Contact?

Making the right contact at the right time requires quality information you can rely on. VeriFacts will return a verified residential phone and address customized to help you make the connection you need. If you’re struggling with no-contacts, return mail, process of service or trying to repossess a vehicle, we’re here to help.