Debt Collection Rule: Small Entity Compliance Guide

This guide focuses on the October 2020 Final Rule.
Except when specifically needed to explain the
October 2020 Final Rule, this guide does not
discuss other laws, regulations, or regulatory
guidance that may apply. The content of this guide
does not include any rules, bulletins, guidance, or
other interpretations issued or released after the
date on the guide’s cover page. Unless otherwise
specifically noted, this guide does not discuss the
December 2020 Final Rule.

The guide includes a detailed summary of the October 2020 Final Rule’s substantive prohibitions and requirements, including those that generally restate the FDCPA’s prohibitions and requirements. Section 2 provides a summary that highlights the October 2020 Final Rule’s key interpretations and clarifications of the FDCPA. 

Users of this guide should review the October 2020 Final Rule and the December 2020 Final Rule as well as this guide. These final rules are available on the Bureau’s website at