TotalCollectR brings artificial intelligence to Collections Max in a new partnership to help lenders and collection agencies collect more money

Lansing, Michigan – Total CollectR, a premier provider of virtual agent and debt negotiations solutions, has announced a partnership with Decca Software 
Lansing, Michigan – Total CollectR, a premier provider of virtual agent and debt negotiation solutions, has announced a partnership with Decca Software Company to fully integrate Total CollectR with the Collections MAX platform. Collections MAX is a well-established debt management and collection software system used by banks, credit unions, collection agencies, and other companies managing accounts receivables.

Through this partnership, Collections MAX users will be able to harness the power of next-generation artificial intelligence, completely automating the entire debt collection recovery process. Total CollectR can perform almost every function of a live agent and connects with consumers on the channels in which they want to engage. Total CollectR can help any debt recovery department or business collect more money, cut costs, and be more compliant.

“There is no doubt that debt collection is becoming more challenging and companies operating in this space must change their strategy to stay ahead of the curve. We are excited about this partnership because through it, businesses of all sizes can now easily leverage artificial intelligence to their advantage, at a very low cost, and with next to no upfront integration time” said Jordan Akins, the Chief Executive Officer of Total CollectR and a long-time user of Collections Max.

“I really thing this is a game changer for our debt collection software and the debt collection industry as a whole. Up to now, in order to scale out your operation you needed to hire a bunch of employees in order to reach out to your debtors (payroll being the largest cost at any collection agency or department) and now with artificial intelligence, computers can now do all the work! When you combine Collections MAX which is a low cost and easy to use debt collection software platform with Total CollectR, get a very powerful system that can scale out exponentially without needing many employees thus reducing your costs and increasing your profits” said Frank Coukos, President and Senior Software Engineer of the Decca Software Company and developer of Collections MAX.

Total CollectR and Collections MAX is fully integrated. Simply enter the login credentials and begin using Total CollectR right away with no changes to Collections Max! Total CollectR is an “add-on” to Collections MAX, working alongside to enhance its feature set. No integration time required.

About Total CollectR: Total CollectR is a virtual agent and debt negotiator, capable of performing all of the functions of a live agent. Enhanced with next-generation artificial intelligence, Total CollectR can help your business lower your costs while increasing your cash collections. Total CollectR is an add-on system that integrates with your existing software system.

About Collections MAX: Collections MAX is debt management and collection software system developed by the Decca Software Company. Collections MAX provides companies of all sizes an affordable, intuitive, and seamless solution that can help them better manage their accounts receivables.